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Steve Baxter Dallas Real click here Estate Investor

Organization: Steve Baxter Dallas Real Estate Investor

Address: 7529 Stonecrest Drive, Dallas, Texas 75254

Phone: 214-549-0440



Steve Baxter Dallas Real Estate Investor

Steve Baxter is an experienced operator of apartment and office properties. Steve also has worked with condo conversions, and major remodeling.

Steve Baxter Dallas Real Estate Investor

Steve graduated from Texas Tech University with Dallas Steve Baxter a B.S. degree in 1974 with a 3.7 GPA . He was selected for the Dean’s List every semester and majored in History with minors in Philosophy and Greek. Steve was President of Friday Night Tape Class.

By 1985, Steve Baxter was putting investment partnerships together and purchasing large apartment complexes with postponed maintenance in need of a turnaround. Steve became known as a “turnaround specialist” since he had both the management expertise along with the construction knowledge and aptitude to manage a renovation on time and under budget.

Steve Baxter Dallas Multi Family Turnaround Specialist

The basketball video can be seen here:

Steve Baxter has fun being in business with partners, because he values the personal relationships he has developed. He feels this is why he gains much fulfillment in ministry. He simply likes people and they really like him!

Steve Baxter Dallas Multi Family Investment Expert

Enjoying his son Andrew Baxter play on the Pearce High School basketball team was a wonderful time in Steve’s life.

Andrew Baxter was Captain of the Wranglers of Pearce High School Yell Leaders and voted Pearce High Mr. Spirit during Steve Baxter Dallas his senior year. The Wranglers were a team of ten seniors who ran the pep rallies and were yell leaders at the games.

Steve Baxter Dallas Multi Family Turnaround Specialist

Brennan Baxter, Andrew Baxter’s older brother, was a successful basketball player. Steve cherished Brennan’s success just as well and has had many enjoyable times watching both of his sons’®ion=TopBar&WT.nav=searchWidget&module=SearchSubmit&pgtype=Homepage#/Real Estate Investment successes on and off the Pearce High School basketball court.

Andrew Baxter embraces the new challenges of college . He loves meeting students from all over Texas and other states. But primarily he loves the Christian fellowship of being involved in “BUCS” – Brothers Under Christ - a unique organization of Christians at Texas Tech who want to expand their faith as they go to university.

Steve Baxter Dallas

Andrew’s view is amazingly similar to that of his Dad, Steve, and ultimately to that of the Apostle Paul, who wrote, "Everything that was gain to me, I consider to be a loss because of Christ. ”

Furthermore, the Bible makes a challenge that goes something like this: "I call heaven and earth to record this day, that I have set before you life and death: therefore, choose life.”

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